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Love as feeling and mood is distinguished from works of love, love of the lovable from love of the unlovely, preferential love from love as the royal law, love as mutual egotism from triangular love, and erotic love from self-giving love.This work is marked by Kierkegaard's Socratic awareness of the reader, both as the center of awakened ... Søren Kierkegaard > By Individual Philosopher > Philosophy Regine later married and left Denmark, but she remained Kierkegaard's muse and the love of his life. Arguably his greatest work, "Either/Or", was written in 1842 during one of Kierkegaard's brief stays in Berlin, (his only trips abroad apart from a brief trip to Sweden "Works of Love" Søren Kierkegaard Book Summary and Analysis ... "Works of Love" by Søren Kierkegaard was written in 2 parts. The first part containing 5 chapters and 3 sub chapters. The second part containing 10 chapters "Works of Love" serves as a thoughtful analysis on love and how love cultivates meaningful relationships with God, one another, and ourselves Works of Love: Contemporary Art in Conversation with ... And, I want to orient this conversation by wear, way of Soren Kierkegaard's marvelous book, as I'd take it, Works of Love, which is devoted to thinking through Christian, the Christian love commands. Kierkegaard draws a distinction between Christian love, and, what he calls preferential love.

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One-Way Love According to Søren Kierkegaard | Mockingbird 3 Aug 2012 ... It's doozy of a quote on perfect, one-way, love: “To be able to love a person despite his weaknesses ... -Søren Kierkegaard, Works of Love, p. Philosopher of the Heart: The Restless Life of Søren Kierkegaard by ... 31 Mar 2019 ... When Søren Kierkegaard wrote: “It is quite true what philosophy ... rest of his life, a life that can be read as a series of failed love affairs ... writing prolifically (the official critical edition of his works in Danish runs to 55 volumes). Works of Love - S. Kierkegaard od 355 Kč -

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Works of Love, the midpoint in the series, is also the monumental high point, because of its penetrating, illuminating analysis of the forms andThis work is marked by Kierkegaard's Socratic awareness of the reader, both as the center of awakened understanding and as the initiator of action. BookReader - Works of Love (Soren Kierkegaard) Works of Love (Soren Kierkegaard).

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Søren Kierkegaard - Wikipedia Soren Kierkegaard, Works of Love, 1847 Hong p. 289-295 In 1848 he published Christian Discourses under his own name and The Crisis and a Crisis in the Life of an Actress under the pseudonym Inter et Inter. Christian Discourses deals the same theme as The Concept of Anxiety, angst. Works of Love (Harper Perennial Modern Thought): Soren ... One of Soren Kierkegaard's most important writings, Works of Love is a profound examination of the human heart, in which the great philosopher conducts the reader into the inmost secrets of Love. "Deep within every man," Kierkegaard writes, "there lies the dread of being alone in the world, forgotten by God, overlooked among the household of millions upon millions." Works of Love - Wikipedia

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Soren Kierkegaard is known as the “father of existentialism.” Kierkegaard was an accomplishedKierkegaard wrote and published many of his works attacking different novelists, one of which wasMaternal love is important in obtaining ... of the love of friendship he feels his life is almost complete. Love's Grateful Striving: A Commentary on Kierkegaard's …

In 1847 the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard published his “Christian reflections” on “the works of love.” I have come to believe that Kierkegaard has been largely misunderstood, misrepresented, and therefore ignored by many Christians, to their own detriment. So for these reasons, and due to my... Soren Kierkegaard Biography - Childhood, Life… Soren Kierkegaard was a famous Danish philosopher, theologian and religious author. He was well known for his criticism of the philosophies of Georg“Edifying Discourses in Diverse Spirits” was his first work of this period and included, “Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing” and “ Works of Love”. List of books and articles about Soren Kierkegaard |… Discover librarian-selected research resources on Soren Kierkegaard from the Questia online library, including full-text online books, academic journals, magazines, newspapers and more.The specifically religious writings include Works of Love (1847) and Training in Christianity (1850).